Saturday, December 2

7 Benefits of Investing in an Individual Health Plan

With a plethora of insurance policies to choose from, buying a suitable policy can often be confusing. Which is the right plan for me? How much coverage will I get? Will it be enough for me? Questions like these may bother and leave you bewildered. But worry not, we have you covered!

Individual health insurance is an absolute no brainer that you can get. When you buy health insurance, there are different benefits that you look at. In this article, you can understand the benefits of individual health insurance.

So let’s get down to basics with understanding individual health cover.

An individual policy, as the name suggests, is the one which covers the medical emergencies for the insured. These plans have varying entry ages, and you can select the appropriate plan depending on your age. While you choose an individual health cover, make sure you have considered all medical needs.

Let’s look at the benefits offered by an individual health insurance cover.

Customised Plans

The insured has the option to select different coverages based on their requirements. It depends on your budget too. One such alternative is that you can opt for extensive insurance coverage that includes a host of different ailments and top it up with add-on riders. It will ensure you remain protected financially in maximum possible scenarios.

Fixed amount of coverage

Every health insurance plan has a fixed amount of coverage known as the sum assured of the policy. While other health plans may require you to share this sum with the other members under that plan, an individual cover ensures the entire sum assured is available for you. This has an effect of a higher amount available for treatments in case of critical illness insurance.


Unlike other plans, an individual health cover does not cease to offer coverage on the occurrence of stipulated conditions. So even if you leave your employment or switch jobs, you shall remain insured as long as you make timely payment of your premiums. These plans remain in force tilltheir date of expiry.

Economical alternative

By availing an individual health insurance plan, you can ensure that any sudden and unforeseen hospitalisationis taken care of by your insurer. By paying a definite amount each period, you can avoid the fees of hospitalisation that otherwise can be heavy on your pocket.

Free health check-up

Some insurers offer the facility of free health check-up or a substantial amount of compensation for the conducted check-up. This is a nifty facility that makes sure the coverage you have opted for is sufficient considering your health condition. Moreover, the insurer as well, can determine the risk to be covered. By undergoing a health check-up, you can evaluate the adequacy of your sum assured too.

Free-look period

Free-look period is the duration when the insured can cancel the policy in case of any discrepancy than the terms agreed upon. This facility is available within 15 days of the purchase of your policy. Any medical expenses towards medical check-ups or the administrative charges will be deducted, and the balance shall be refunded to the policyholder.


There is also an option of portability provided by some insurance companies on their health insurance plans. With health insurance portability, you can switch your insurance company without having to lose on the insurance policy benefits.

The next time you purchase health insurance cover, keep in mind the above benefits and select the most suitable plan for yourself. While you do that, don’t forget to make use of a health insurance premium calculator to get these plans at affordable premiums.