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How to Choose the Best Payroll Service Provider

Payroll is one of the most complex tasks in businesses. To comply with different tax agencies, business owners and their accountants must know tax differences in their jurisdictions and keep up with new updates. Payroll software can handle your tax calculations, file forms, and submit payments to federal, state, and local agencies on behalf of your business.

However, the best payroll services for businesses cover more than just payroll. According to experts at BoardRoom, the best payroll service should improve employees’ experiences and administer benefits in the business.

What Payroll Servicer Does

A payroll service is accountable for dealing with administrative and financial tasks related to a business’s payroll. These include issuing pay slips, processing benefits payments, and paying workers’ wages.

Why Payroll Service is Important

One of the key benefits of using a payroll system or service is to save time. This, in turn, allows you to concentrate on business growth and operations rather than filing payroll taxes and crunching numbers. Here are more benefits of using the best payroll service:

  • Compliance
  • Accuracy
  • Convenience


The best payroll service concentrates on delivering error-free payment processing for clients. Some service providers provide various services. Examples of these services include wage garnishment/tax withholding, new hire reporting, payroll processing, integrations, payroll reporting, and PTO management.

7 Tips to Choose the Right Payroll Servicer

Small businesses and startups need a dependable payroll system. It is also one of the top expenses for many startups. Initially, payroll might seem straightforward, but its management goes beyond ensuring workers get paid on time.

As a business owner or employer, you must submit documentation and forms confirming your workers have the qualifications to work in Singapore, register to operate in the country, file employment taxes, and withhold the right government taxes from workers’ paychecks.

Dealing with all these isn’t easy. You will need the best payroll service from a reliable provider. So, to help you choose the best payroll services, here are tips to look at:

1. Prioritize the Needs of Your Business

Before you choose any payroll service for your business, you must determine which features you need. You probably want the best way of automating payroll processes, or you might want payroll services with bells and whistles.

As you research payroll services, consider your urgent needs. It would be a great idea to list those features and find payroll services that can meet those requirements.

Most payroll service providers provide tiered plans, ranging from more advanced packages to basic ones. So, ensure you compare your wish list to all the features in every tier—this way, you will choose the best payroll service.

2. Look at the Support System

Using payroll software means you have full control over payroll processes. However, don’t be left out if you and your team have concerns or questions. Part of determining how to choose the best payroll service is finding a service provider with support.

Most service providers charge extra for this support, whereas others might include it in the software pricing. So, if support matters to you, check customer ratings and reviews to know what to expect from the service provider. Besides, if you need assistance, you would want it right away, not after spending one hour or so on your smartphone listening to on-hold music.

3. Consider References and Customer Reviews

To have an overview of the kind of service to expect from a service provider, look at online reviews. This may include checking places, such as their websites, social media profiles, Trustpilot, Glassdoor, and Google Reviews. In either of these, review the number of ratings and both positive & negative feedback.

Another way to collect feedback about a service provider is to ask for references you may contact. Those references will give you first-hand and direct feedback about the provider’s overall customer-centricity, flexibility, and accuracy.

4. Check the Data Integration Capability

Most businesses have existing investments for benefits, like retirement packages, POS systems, and ledger software. The capability of integrating these systems with online payroll software is helpful because all the data will be updated and accurate. Other benefits may include the following:

  • Point in-time reporting
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Eliminated data entry duplication

5. Have a Look at the Approach

Not every business is created equal, and the best payroll service provider should be equipped to match its services to a company’s specific needs. The best service providers do their research, use their knowledge to tailor their approaches and avoid generic strategies.

Strong or solid customer service is an important component of a personalized approach. This simply includes a support team ready to help. It must also include a point of contact ready to address tax and payroll needs.

6. Evaluate the Flexibility

All business organizations have unique payroll service needs, and specific tasks differ, too. Therefore, the payroll service provider you choose must be flexible to your business needs and generate customized reports.

Quality payroll service must also be scalable as your business grows. Not to mention, it needs to expand with your business organization to ascertain that you get planned benefits.

7. Think of the Cost

When choosing the best payroll service provider for your business, you need to think of the cost. Although the cost differs from one company to another, it would be best to know that there is a standard structure for pricing services.

With this pricing structure, you will pay a flat base fee. You can make payments every month or every pay period – the decision is yours to make.

When a service provider charges at every pay period, you must pay that fee each time you run payroll. However, if you are charged monthly, you will pay every month.

While there are many payroll service providers to choose from, they are not one-size-fits-all solutions. Therefore, knowing the best ways to choose a good payroll service can help ensure you get a perfect solution for your business. Apart from cost and flexibility, consider other factors, like data integration capability, client reviews, and support system, to ensure you make the right decision.