Saturday, May 18

How to Start an E-Commerce Business from Home

More and more Australians are turning to self-employment and setting up a shopping cart website can offer you a level of freedom and independence that is very appealing. Of course, you will need to create a business plan and make absolutely sure that the products you will sell are in sufficient demand and that you have covered supply and, of course, digital marketing.

Business Plan

This will very much determine your chances of becoming successful, and any good business plan would cover the following:

  • Start-Up Costs – This would include everything you need to begin trading.
  • Marketing Plan – How you intend to reach your target groups, which would require the services of a leading digital marketing agency.
  • Profit Forecasts – Most plans would cover the first 5 years, and any potential investor would look at this section very carefully.
  • Organisation Flow Chart – This shows clearly the people involved and their roles in the business.
  • Accounting & Legal Aspects – The company would be registered according to law, and you will need the advice of an experienced chartered accountant.


Many businesses fold within the first year due to a lack of funds, so you must be certain to have adequate funding. If you are in need of secured business loans, search for online lenders, and sourcing a business loan is no longer the nightmare it once was, thanks primarily to online lenders who can fast track an application, which means you receive the money on the same day you apply.

Web Design & Hosting

You can easily find a web developer that can design, build and manage your digital sales platform, plus they can register your chosen domain name and arrange for hosting. It is important that you have enough bandwidth to ensure fast page loading, and the web host would have a number of packages, allowing you to choose a suitable one. You will have to make a considerable investment in your shopping cart website, which is your shop window, plus you will need to arrange for IT security, which can often be supplied by the web designer.

Setting up any business demands a large dose of determination and enthusiasm, plus you will have to ensure that you are adequately funded. If you have chosen a good line of products and have a marketing agency in your team, there’s no reason why you can’t taste success.